Our Tournaments
  • Business League

    Teams of 4 play against each other every Thursday evening. Each team has players ranked 1, 2, 3 and 4 according to strength. No 1 of one team, plays no 1 of another team. The 2’s against each other, etc. Points get allocated based on these matches. At the end of the season, the top team is declared the champion and wins the prize.

  • Gauteng League

    Western Rackets has many teams participating in the Gauteng League! Anyone can enter on an annual basis – strength will be determined beforehand to play members in the applicable league.

  • Club Championships

    Club champs tournaments are held once a year. This is played on a swiss-pairing format and in different divisions based on the strength of the different entries.

  • Social Leagues

    “Pitch and Play” events: you just arrive and play anyone you want!
    “Bell tournaments”: Everyone gets a chance to play each other in a round robin format for 4 full minutes. The bell rings and players swop. This is a severe test of fitness levels!

  • Box League

    This is a social and very informal (but competitive!) format where you will be matched up in a “box” of 4 or 5 players of equal strength.

  • School Leagues

    Currently schools are using our facilities as well.