Court Rules

NO coloured sole shoes allowed! If caught you will be charged R 500.00 for court repairs.  Stickly Non Marking shoes only.
Only WR League (Gauteng & Business League) players are aloud on COURT 1.
Peak Hours (Mondays to Thursdays, 5pm to 7pm)
Only 1 hour bookings will be allowed per member.
No back to back booking allowed.
No con0current (or side by side) bookings allowed.
No bookings allowed on behalf of anyone else.
If you are 5 minutes late, your court will be reassigned and you will be marked as a “no show”.
If you do not pitch for your booking you will receive a 2 week ban from booking in peak hours.
Sensor Lights Installed
Lights will switch on and off automatically.

Non Members Times & Rates – Bookings must be confirmed telephonically and payment must be made at front desk before playing.
View Times & Rates Here

*By clicking the Make Booking button you accept the rules as stipulated above.